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Catch a Flight to Düsseldorf

Last week, British Airways announced that it will be launching a three-times-daily service to Düsseldorf from London City Airport. The addition of flights to Dusseldorf is good news for business professionals moving to and from two of the busiest financial cities in the world.

But if you're one of the potential customers taking advantage of these new flights to Düsseldorf, you should also be aware of BA's extra baggage allowances. If you find yourself with too many pieces of extra luggage, British Airways will hit you with a baggage fee which fluctuates depending on your situation (i.e. it will cost less if you pay in advance online). Well, we say they'll 'hit' you with a fee. We don't really mean 'hit', for they do prepare you for these fees on their website. But that doesn't make it any less annoying.

So how can you avoid these unnecessary costs? We're glad you asked. The team at Seven Seas Worldwide are experts in shipping excess baggage and personal belongings all over the world. Imagine leaving your luggage with us to send ahead of you while you breeze through the airport on your flight to Düsseldorf with just your laptop bag. Yes, we know. It sounds sweet.

It works like this: We'll deliver as many empty boxes as you need. Once you're done packing the boxes with your items, we'll turn up to collect them again for forwarding to your chosen destination, door-to-door. We'll do the return leg too. It's as simple as that. Find out more about our international shipping and excess baggage services now, or just grab a quick online shipping quote. Easy.



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