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Moving Abroad and Shipping Your Car? - Think Again

There are many offers these days from shipping companies to transfer customers' cars as well as their household belongings when they move abroad. Now unless you're particularly attached to your car because it (somehow) has sentimental value or is a prized collectible, we at Seven Seas Worldwide would advise you to leave it behind.

In all honesty, we do not understand why people want to take their cars with them abroad. It's a painfully long and laborious process filled with endless administration and expensive bills.

Plus in some countries there's all sorts of criteria you need to meet before you're allowed to ship your car into your new country destination. For instance in Australia your car will be subject to rigorous examination by the Quarantine department before your documentation is processed. There will also be some kind of tax to pay whether that be customs duty, luxury car tax, a Goods and Services Tax or other. 

In some circumstances, the processing of your car may still be halted because of your status as a migrant; check out official government information online in relation to your country's destination. 

So in short, if you're about to ship your car abroad as you begin a new chapter in a new country, take a moment and have a good think about it. Of course a lot of car shipping and removal companies will put a positive spin on it and claim that it will be a simple and secure process, but don't forget they will never ask you why you want to ship you car in the first place - just that you can and so therefore you should. But really, why should you? If you're struggling for an answer, then there's probably no reason to put yourself through the administrative nightmare that awaits you.

Sell your car, buy a new one abroad. That's our advice. It's safer, simpler and a heck of a lot cheaper. 

And if you are considering moving abroad without your car, take a look at our free quote engine and see how much you could save with us.

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