Shipping FAQs

If you’re moving abroad, look no further than our handy page of advice and information to help you on your way.


Our Service:


What are the differences between ‘door-to-door’ and ‘door-to-depot’ services?

Our ‘door-to-door’ shipping service will take your shipment from the collection address at the door of the building (kerbside). It will then be redelivered to the door of the building (kerbside) at the destination address.


The shipment will have been cleared through the customs authorities and the relevant environmental agencies such as the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) in New Zealand.


All our excess baggage shipping charges are included in our quoted price – except duty, taxes, excise and cleaning charges. Yes, we know what you may be thinking but customs authorities and environmental agencies are very strict about unclean items being brought into the country. Our advice is to give everything a good clean before packing them in the boxes! Oh and daily storage charges could also factor into things. Do call us if you have any queries.


Our ‘door-to-depot’ excess baggage shipping service (also known as ‘door-to-port’) will take your shipment from the door of the building (kerbside) at the collection address and redeliver it to the depot or warehouse that is nearest to the airport or sea port of your destination address. The shipment – in contrast to the ‘door-to-door’ shipping services - will NOT be cleared through the customs authorities or passed through the environmental agencies (except sea shipments to China).


All destination charges – which are often specific to the country that you are sending your excess baggage to – will be your responsibility to pay, and is payable to the ground agent.


Charges may include handling fees, an agency fee and document charge. Customs clearance, tax and duty may also factor if applicable.


When do charges occur at the destination?

Our customer policy is to inform you upfront about all possible destination charges that we become aware of. Our ‘door-to-door’ excess baggage service includes all charges to the final destination address. However, if you send items that attract duty, uncertainties may arise. Newly-purchased items, alcohol or cigarettes will attract duty in the destination country and will require paying.


As mentioned before, some countries have strict environmental controls which can lead to cleaning charges so remember to clean thoroughly items such as shoes, boots, camping equipment and anything that could pick up dirt! Naturally, we will advise you when these conditions apply but it’s up to you to minimise the charges! When using our ‘door-to-depot’ service, charges at the destination will occur.


Our packing boxes and packing material:


Are there charges for empty boxes?

Nope! There is no charge for our specifically-designed shipment boxes. It is difficult to anticipate exactly how many boxes you’re going to need so we encourage you to order a few extra boxes. After all, it’s better to have too many than not enough! Seven Seas Worldwide requires a non-refundable deposit when you place an order. Don’t worry, it’s not an extra charge; the price of the deposit will be deducted from your final balance.


Can I use my own boxes?

Yes but you’re going to have to make sure they’re strong and reliable. It’s no good collecting up a load of used and flimsy boxes from the loft! If you’re not sure, we advise you to order boxes from us. Our boxes are chemically-hardened to withstand heavy items and specifically-designed for long international journeys by sea or air. If you do want to use your own boxes, remember to send us the exact dimensions (length, width and height) so we can give you an exact quote.


Do you provide FREE packing material?

Of course! And it’s good stuff too. We’ll include strong parcel tape, bubble wrap and a big marker pen. This will be delivered to you at the same time as our boxes.


How long can I keep the boxes for?

As long as you want! There’s no time limit. Please do not leave the delivery of your empty boxes till the last minute; allow yourself plenty of time to pack!


Delivery and collection:


Can the day and time for delivery / collection / redelivery be specified?

Of course! If the collection, delivery or redelivery address is in a city serviced by our team of drivers, you will receive an SMS message on the evening prior to your delivery, collection or redelivery that will tell you when to expect us. This will be an estimated time slot and is always dependent on the traffic conditions.


The driver is allocated 10 minutes for your collection, delivery or redelivery. Should you not receive an SMS message, fear not! Once you have placed your order, we will send you an email containing all your order details including the allocated time slot. Alternatively, you can just speak to someone on our team before 6pm (18.00 hours).


More important stuff! Please note that if the collection, delivery or redelivery is in a city serviced by one of our agents rather than a driver from our team, we will be unable to give you a time slot. Sorry about that.


You do not need to be available to receive our empty packing boxes so long as you provide us with information about safe places where they can be left (such as a shed or with a neighbour, etc.)


When your boxes are packed, taped up and ready for collection, you must make sure that yourself, a relative or a trusted friend is present at the address. You have to tell us if you’ve left the boxes anywhere else; our drivers are good but they’re not psychic. When we redeliver your excess baggage at the final destination, you or your nominee must be available to receive the shipment.


If I order my empty boxes today, when can they be delivered?

Providing you order our boxes before 2pm (14.00) in some regions, we can deliver the boxes the next day (except Sundays). In other regions, it may take up to three working days. Don’t worry, you won’t be waiting too long, we promise!


What happens if I exceed the maximum weight per item?

First of all, look at all the items in your possession which may weigh down your boxes unnecessarily such as books, photo albums and DVDs. The best way to distribute the weight would be to put them in our special ‘Book Boxes’ or ‘Standard Boxes’; these are designed specifically for the heavier items so that you don’t exceed the maximum weight. After all, you don’t want to do yourself an injury trying to move them do you?


If one or more of your boxes exceed the maximum weight, you will be charged accordingly. Sorry but those are the rules! Please ensure you check the weight of your items before packing them up. Ordinary bathroom scales are fine.




If you need your excess baggage shipped abroad, we can make it easy for you. First of all, check out our fast and free online quote service to show how much sending your excess baggage will cost; secondly, choose the service that best suits your needs; thirdly, place your order online. It’s that simple.

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Our international shipping costs are competitive and our customer service team aim to make shipping your excess baggage abroad a stress-free experience.


Don’t forget, we also have services available for those relocating including money transfers, tax refunds and overseas banking.