Shipping to New Zealand

Shipping to New Zealand

If you're looking to send items, personal belongings or excess baggage to New Zealand, speak to Seven Seas Worldwide. We'll collect from your current address to your chosen destination in New Zealand. And because we're international, you'll be dealing with us, and only us, from beginning to end.

Shipping Excess Baggage to New Zealand: Step-by-Step Video

Why choose Seven Seas Worldwide for shipping to New Zealand? It's a valid point and worth the big heading above, so here's just a few reasons for you:

  • Airlines are increasing baggage charges all the time. If you leave your baggage with Seven Seas Worldwide, the airlines can't sting you!
  • We're a cheaper and greener option than the air freight companies
  • We have a global network of depots so you'll be dealing with us from beginning to end
  • We collect and deliver, door-to-door
  • We know New Zealand well - it was one of our first countries when we started out as a modest little firm nearly twenty years ago!

Plus you can also get a free online quote for shipping to New Zealand via our instant quote engine.

International Shipping To New Zealand

Seven Seas Worldwide provides a wide range of services to make your experience with us a satisfied one. After all, we'd like you come back. These services include shipping insurance, international money transfers, moving house (ask about our famous MoveCube® for local and international moves) and tax refunds. We really can handle everything from excess baggage to student shipping (and storage - unlike other student storage companies we collect and deliver your stuff so you don't need to cart it around yourself) and even moving overseas if you decide to up sticks for new shores.

We can ship to New Zealand by sea or air, so give us a call today for free on 0800 21 66 98 and see how the team can help. They're a friendly bunch and can guide you through the whole process.

Ship Your Home to New Zealand

And if you're moving to New Zealand, take a look at the advantages below of using a MoveCube® for your moving needs:

  • A controlled worldwide network owned by us: We have expanded our presence throughout the world with no agents, no affiliates, no franchisees and no separate companies. You will always be dealing with the same group from start to finish, door–to–door
  • No new or unexpected charges: Our clear itemised quotes provide details of the charges in the UK and at the destination
  • Free storage: Once your shipment is collected, depending on the number of MoveCubes® you used, you can enjoy up to 4 weeks’ free storage to allow you time to tie up loose ends and schedule the departure of your shipment. Plus up to 4 more weeks will be awarded upon the arrival of your shipment to allow you time to find the right place to stay
  • A three-part payment to help you budget: We will not demand one full payment in advance of collection. Instead, the charges will be staggered to help you find your feet when you arrive
  • Packing at your pace: You can pack everything on one day or you can clear and pack rooms over several days. It’s up to you to choose how much you want to pack and when
  • Total security and protection: Once the MoveCube® is sealed at your home it is not scheduled to be unsealed again until you open it at your new address
  • Decluttering: We also offer a comprehensive decluttering guide providing advice on leaving items behind and cutting the cost of your move

Shipping Household Items to New Zealand: Step-by-Step Video

For more information about shipping to New Zealand, the MoveCube®, advice about decluttering, plus a range of our other services, call us FREE 24/7 0800 21 66 98 or get an instant online quote.

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