Packing Information – Do It Right!

Worrying about finding the right boxes for the journey? Fear not! We offer our own range of chemically-hardened boxes - and they’re FREE.


Our chemically-hardened boxes are designed specifically for the multiple purposes of packing, storing or transporting your personal effects safely. Don’t take any risks by putting your belongings into some flimsy, reused cardboard boxes retrieved from the loft. It could end in tears.


Here’s some info about our boxes.


The large packing box we supply is called a ‘Large Box’ or ‘Tea Chest Box’. The dimensions of the Large Box are 61cm (height), 51cm (depth) and 41cm (width). This box is particularly useful for packing bulky but light items such as clothes, shoes, bed linen and sports equipment.


The standard packing box is called a ‘Standard Box’ or ‘Book Box’. The dimensions of the Standard Box are 51cm (height), 41cm (depth) and 31cm (width). This box is designed to accommodate the heavier items such as books, albums, files, CDs and hand tools.


It is important to bear in mind that the maximum weight is 30kg. The ‘Instant Quote’ service will inform you of the maximum allowable weight for each box for the respective country destination.


Assembly and packing instructions can be found printed on the flap of every box. Make sure you read them before packing.

Remember not to exceed the maximum weight of 30kg (or 66 pounds) for each item. If your box is over the maximum weight limit when weighed prior to shipping, an excess weight charge will be applied. If our driver is loading his van with your boxes and lifts a box that he considers heavier than 30kg (or 66 pounds), he may ask you to repack the items in another box. If you have too many overweight boxes that need repacking, the driver will have no option but to continue his driving schedule and you will have to arrange another day for collection.

Unfortunately, there will be a charge for additional collection. To avoid potential additional charges you can weigh the boxes yourself before your collection day. Simply weigh yourself on your bathroom scales in kilograms or pounds, step off and grab one of your packed boxes and step back on the scales while holding it. The difference between your own weight and your weight while holding the box will give a good estimate of the box’s shipping weight. Please note: The box will still need to be officially weighed by us before shipping.


There is no charge for unused and returned packing boxes. We recommend that you overestimate the number of boxes you think you will need. It’s better to have too many boxes than not enough. Of course, this is dependent on the condition of the boxes; providing they are unused and returned in pristine condition so we can use them again, there will be no extra charge.


In circumstances where the boxes have been soiled or used in any way (such as assembled but not used to pack) then an extra charge will be incurred. This charge will be made against each box returned in an unusable state or not returned at all.

Packing Tips


The most important thing to remember is not to exceed the maximum weight. Your boxes, suitcases or rucksacks should not be more than 30kg (66lbs). This also applies to Canada, USA, the Far East and Europe. Even by air.


If you have any large items that do not fit our boxes, give us a ring – we’re always here to help and advise.


Something really important to remember is that the quarantine departments of some countries (such as Australia and New Zealand) will check items such as boots, shoes, sports and camping equipment. Make sure you clean these items thoroughly and place them at the top inside the boxes thus making it easier for quarantine officials to inspect them.


We recommend you take insurance. Remember accidents can happen.