Moving FAQs and Videos

If you’re moving soon and need a few pointers about our service, take a look at our moving house FAQs and handy videos below.

How Does the Domestic MoveCube® Work?

If you're moving home, we recommend our latest creation - the Domestic MoveCube®. This is a container inside a trailer that will collect, ship and deliver your items from your old address to your new one within the UK. It's easy, affordable and safe. Don't rely on a man with a van or cram all your belongings into the back of your car - do it right with a Seven Seas Worldwide Domestic MoveCube®. Here's how it works.

How Does the International MoveCube® Work?

The International MoveCube® operates in a number of selected countries. Check out our International MoveCube® page for more information and watch our handy video below. It's very handy.

How Does the StoreCube™ Work?

The StoreCube™ is similar to our MoveCube®. It is a container inside a trailer which can hold the contents of a one-bedroom apartment. With the StoreCube™, we can collect from your door and transfer to our secure storage facility - something that the big self-storage companies don't do! Check out the video below to see how it works.

How Big are the Cubes?

We're glad you asked. Both the MoveCube® and StoreCube™ come in different sizes, depending on the volume of items you wish to send. Take a look at these StoreCube™ and MoveCube® videos to see which size is best for you.



Do You Sell Boxes?

Yes, we sell boxes and packing materials to help you.  We can provide parcel tape, bubble wrap, marker pens and all manner of differently-sized boxes to accommodate whatever you may have in your possession. Basically, if it's not too heavy and can fit in a Cube, we'll take it, from TVs and bicycles to surfboards and skis. 

Our most popular boxes however are the Standard and the Large. The Standard is a book box, designed for heavy items like books, hand tools and DVD collections. The Large is...well, large, and is designed to accommodate the lighter objects that need packing like clothes, towels and bed linen.

Talk to a member of the team or get an instant online quote now to see how we can help. 

How do I know which size MoveCube® is right for me?

If you choose the 'It's furniture' option when making a quote, you will be presented with a range of MoveCube® sizes. Simply write down the dimensions of each MoveCube® and see how they correspond with the number of packed boxes and other items you plan on transporting. If it seems as though the largest MoveCube® will not be big enough to accommodate all of your items, you can arrange with our team to have multiple MoveCubes® delivered to you. Talk to a member of the team today to see how we can help.

Do you come to my house and decide which MoveCube® I need?

The MoveCubes® come in three sizes and we can estimate how many you should require from our previous experience. There is an element of over-estimation but you only pay for the MoveCubes® you use. For instance, as you're packing, you may decide that rather than shipping your mattress, you will leave it behind and buy a new one at the destination. The MoveCube® keeps all your options open.

We have never found a need for inspections, except to make sure we can deliver the MoveCube® to your address.

Can you send anyone to assist me with packing?

Seven Seas Worldwide is a specialist in moving personal effects and excess baggage. We can assist moving your packed items from the storage room, the door of your property, or your garage or shed in the backyard and load them into the MoveCube®. Similarly we can assist in moving the MoveCube® to your storage room, your front door, your garage or shed in the backyard. We refer to this service as "loading" or "unloading". 

We do not offer a service for packing your boxes, bags or suitcases. Oh and by the way, if you are thinking of storage, check out our storage service for very competitive rates!

Is there a chance items could be damaged in a MoveCube®?

Our MoveCubes® are strong, solid and reliable. It's highly unlikely the MoveCube® will be directly responsible for damage. But remember, it is up to you to make sure every item is protected. Packaging is provided by Seven Seas Worldwide to ensure you do a good job before we arrive to collect. Coming soon to the site will be a section dedicated to packing and packaging, serving to avoid any potential accidents or errors.

Why is there tax and duty on my belongings/furniture?

If your item has a date of manufacture and is less than six months old, the law states tax and duty must be paid on it. The date of manufacture can often be read on the plate on the back of the TV or similar item which also has the Product Code. If your shipment is mostly clothing and they are not being shipped in their shop wrapping then they will usually go through without issue.

What is the weight limit of the MoveCube®?

There is a maximum weight of 1.25 metric tonnes for all MoveCube®. The MoveCube® itself can carry far more than that but all the supporting machinery we use in our worldwide network is set up for that maximum weight. Therefore your bathroom scales aren't really up to the job. But don't worry, your MoveCube® weight should comfortably fall within that maximum. We do advise you to be sensible about your items and evenly distribute them around the MoveCube®, putting the heaviest boxes/items at the centre and adding the lighter boxes/items around it.

Do you provide boxes free of charge?

We provide a free 'Starter Pack' for the MoveCube® service but the boxes and packing materials will need to be purchased. Boxes and packing materials are only free with the following services: 'Baggage Worldwide', 'Mini Moves' and 'Pack and Store'. They are not available for any MoveCube® services. If you wish to purchase boxes and packing materials, you can do so at our exclusive shop!

What is the destination charge?

The Destination Charge is for the examination of the goods and processing of the documentation to obtain ‘goods entry clearance’ but excludes any custom duties or quarantine treatment charges if any.

What is a site inspection?

Our driver can visit your address to assess the property and ensure that a MoveCube® can be delivered safely, securely and conveniently.

Can the MoveCube® be left overnight?

For safety and security reasons, it is not company policy to leave the MoveCube® overnight for any reason.

Why aren't you associated with BAR?

All your shipments are moved within the Seven Seas Worldwide Group, which is based in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, the USA and, of course, the UK, where the Head Office is located. This is a unique structure within the international relocation industry where in almost all cases a shipment is received by either an entirely independent company or a franchisee company operating under a brand. We are a centrally-controlled network under the same ownership throughout the group.

Therefore whether you call us in the UK, Singapore or New Zealand, you will be dealing with the same group with the same operational procedures in every country and if it does change, we will tell you.

It was for this reason that we could not see the advantage of being part of local removals association such as BAR, since there was little they could provide us that we did not already have in place.

Can the driver assist me?

Loading and Unloading is an assisted service with additional charges. Seven Seas Worldwide drivers should be assisted by the customer to load and unload their MoveCube. Again, this service is assisted and should not be carried out by the driver alone. Here's what you need to know:

  • Under no circumstances should the drivers collect or deliver any items past the threshold of the customer's front door, due to possible damage to the customer's property and potential health and safety hazards within the property
  • 30kg is the maximum weight a Seven Seas Worldwide driver should be expected lift/carry. All items suspected to be over this weight should be lifted/carried with the help of the customer or customer's representative, or with the use of a mechanical aid.
  • If assistance is not possible by the means mentioned, the overweight item(s) must not be handled by Seven Seas Worldwide driver.
  • A note/description/photograph of the overweight item(s) must be taken if the customer loads the items themselves and/or the item is left off the MoveCube 
  • The distance between the front door and the trailer should be limited to 20 metres due to the weight limits involved with the loading/unloading service



How does Mini and Metro Moves work?

If you wish to transport your personal belongings within the same city or country, Mini and Metro Moves can take care of all your moving needs. Our handy video explains what we do and how we do it. Take a look.

How does Pack and Store work?

Pack and Store is a service that helps you store your belongings between moves in one of our safe and secure storage facilities. It's the cheaper alternative to expensive self-storage. And this is how it works.