So What’s Covered?

Okay. Important insurance stuff follows. As per the ‘Institute Marine Cargo Clauses (A)’ - where not consistent with the undernoted additional conditions including war, strikes, riots and civil commotions (re: the appropriate ‘Institute Clauses’ 1) - the indemnity provided by this insurance shall not include:


- Loss or damage to jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones, precious metals, furs, money, deeds, bonds, securities, stamps of all kinds, manuscripts or other documents, livestock, wines, spirits, tobacco, plants, foodstuffs or perishable goods of any kind.


- Loss or damage caused by or arising from wear and tear, gradual deterioration, moth, insect or vermin, mildew and rust or atmospheric or climatic conditions and extremes of temperature or the leakage of liquid or powder from any receptacle or container.


- Indirect or consequential loss of any kind or description.


- The loss of individual items packed by the owner in furniture, trunks, cases, boxes, cartons or other receptacles unless such items have been listed and their existence and value disclosed to the company prior to commencement of the transit.


- Mechanical, electrical or electronic derangement.


- Depreciation resultant upon repairs.


- Scratching, denting, bruising or marking of furniture constructed of plastic-coated composition or chipboard, or puncturing of synthetic upholstery and marking of ‘dralon’

What is covered

or similar upholstery unless caused as the direct result of an accident to the conveying vehicle.


Now some things to make a note of:


1) There is a minimum charge for each and every claim.


2) In the event of the goods covered by this insurance being, at the time of loss, collectively of greater value than the Sum Insured hereby, then the Insured shall be considered as being his or her own Insurer for the difference, and shall bear a proportionate share of the loss.


3) If a claim hereunder be in any respect fraudulent or any fraudulent devices be used by the Insured or anyone acting upon his or her behalf or obtain any benefit under this Insurance, all benefits there under shall be forfeited.


4) Where any insured item consists of articles in a pair or set, this Insurance is not to pay more than the value of any particular part or parts which may be lost or damaged


without reference to any special value which such article or articles may have as a part of such pair or set, nor more than a proportionate part of such pair or set.


5) The Insurers may, at any time after loss or damage, take and keep possession of the Insured property and deal with the salvage, and if the Insured or anyone acting on his behalf shall obstruct or prevent the Insurers from so doing, all benefit under this Insurance shall be forfeited. No property may be abandoned to the Insurance Company.


6) This insurance is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


And the last thing to note: As with all insurance there is an ‘insurance excess liability’ amount whereby the customer is liable for an initial proportionate amount of the claim being registered. In this instance, the ‘excess liability’ for insurance placed with Aviva is currently based upon a UK Sterling amount of £50.00 (fifty pounds) or the equivalent in local currency.