Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll ship your excess baggage worldwide. Whether you’re taking a short break or moving overseas permanently, our team are here to help.


So what is it that we actually do? Well, the problem with Seven Seas Worldwide is we’re very good at so many things, so it’s difficult to know where to start. However we’ll give it a go. Check out the FAQs below:-


Our Service:

How can we help?

We can ship your excess baggage worldwide as well as help you move your belongings from one town or city to another town or city within the same country. But we don’t just take care of the transportation, oh no. We also provide the boxes and packing materials (parcel tape, bubble wrap, big marker pen, that sort of thing) to help you pack your belongings securely. We’ll then pick your boxes up (at a time convenient to you, naturally) and deliver them to your new destination, door-to-door.

Our packing boxes and packing material:

Are there charges for empty boxes?

We have designed some pretty strong and sturdy shipment boxes for which there is no charge so order plenty. We encourage ordering lots of boxes because you’re not going to know the exact number required until you start packing. Better to have too many boxes than not enough, right?

Can I use my own boxes?

Well we won’t stop you! But please make sure your boxes are made of strong cardboard and make sure you provide us with the exact measurements so we can give you an accurate quote. May we take this opportunity to remind you just how great our boxes are? They’re chemically-hardened and designed specifically for long international journeys – you can’t go wrong.

Can I just send my suitcases?

Yes you can. We also accept holdalls and backpacks. Again, we advise you to provide exact dimensions of your baggage so that we may provide an accurate quote.

Do you provide FREE packing materials?

We certainly do. Our packing materials consist of parcel tape, bubble wrap and a marker pen so you can be sure all your items will be carefully looked after. We’ll deliver the materials to you at the same time as the empty boxes.

How long can I keep the boxes for?

As long as you want. There’s no time limit. Just call us when the boxes are packed to your satisfaction and we’ll collect them again for the start of the journey.

Delivery and Collection:

Can I choose a specific time for delivery / collection / redelivery?

If the collection, delivery or redelivery address is in a city serviced by our team of drivers, you will receive an SMS or email on the evening prior to your delivery, collection or redelivery that will tell you when to expect us. This will be an estimated time slot and is always dependent on the traffic conditions. We will provide you with a one-hour window of when we will be with you, so you're not kicking around the house all day and peering out of the window every five minutes.


The driver is allocated 10 minutes for your collection, delivery or redelivery. Should you not receive an SMS message, fear not! Once you have placed your order, we will send you an email containing all your order details including the allocated time slot. Alternatively, you can just speak to someone on our team after 6pm (18.00 hours).


More important stuff! Please note that if the collection, delivery or redelivery is in a city serviced by one of our agents rather than a driver from our team, we will be unable to give you a timeslot. Sorry about that.


You do not need to be available to receive our empty packing boxes so long as you provide us with information about safe places where they can be left (such as a shed or with a neighbour, etc.)


When your boxes are packed, taped up and ready for collection, you must make sure that yourself, a relative or a trusted friend is present at the address. You have to tell us if you’ve left the boxes anywhere else; our drivers are good but they’re not psychic. When we redeliver your excess baggage at the final destination, you or your nominee must be available to receive the shipment.


If I order my empty boxes today, when can they be delivered?

Providing you order our boxes before 2pm (14.00) in some regions, we can deliver the boxes the next day (except Sundays). In other regions, it may take up to three working days. Don’t worry, you won’t be waiting too long.


What happens if I exceed the maximum weight per item?

First of all, look at all the items in your possession which may weigh down your boxes unnecessarily such as books, photo albums and DVDs. The best way to distribute the weight would be to put them in our special ‘Standard Boxes’ (or ‘Book Boxes’); these are designed specifically for the heavier items so that you don’t exceed the maximum weight. After all, you don’t want to do yourself an injury trying to move them do you?


If one or more of your boxes exceed the maximum weight, you will be charged accordingly. Sorry but those are the rules! Please ensure you check the weight of your items before packing them up. Ordinary bathroom scales are fine.


Explanation of Goods Examination Fee (GEF):

What is a ‘Goods Examination Fee’?

In some countries where you may be shipping (such as China, Australia and New Zealand) there will be a charge before the goods are cleared through customs. This covers the cost of the examination of goods along with the processing of the documents, both of which are essential to helping you gain quarantine clearance.


Seven Seas Worldwide pays the ‘Goods Examination Fee’ for every shipment (where valid) and then charges it back to you in the local currency of your destination. We know how the ‘Goods Examination Fee’ works because we are always with your boxes and know how things work at every stage; other shipping companies employ agents to handle the goods and these agents charge different prices all the time. Sometimes they won’t charge you in the local currency – a clear indicator that even they don’t know the charge until it arrives at the destination.

Transport Insurance Options:

Why should I insure my excess baggage shipment and what type of insurance do you offer?

We know that the items you intend on sending are important to you - otherwise you wouldn’t be sending them, right? Insuring excess baggage will bring you peace of mind, so here are our two options. Don’t worry, you won’t get bogged down in fuzzy insurance-speak.


Total Loss Insurance


Seven Seas Worldwide provides Total Loss insurance cover of £100.00 (or the equivalent in local currency) for each box, suitcase, holdall, backpack and other individually-packed items. Total Loss insurance will incur an additional charge. It is company policy to recommend this minimal insurance cover though you can opt out if you do not wish to pay for it.


All Risk Insurance


If you consider your items invaluable, we suggest you take a look at our offer of All Risk insurance. The Insurance Premium payable for cover is calculated as 5% of the ‘replacement value’ of the inventoried items and this is what it includes: The total loss of the entire shipment, theft of items from the shipment and water damage to the consignment.


‘Replacement value’ equals the value it would cost to repurchase lost items. Please note that as with all insurance there is an ‘insurance excess liability’ amount whereby the customer is liable for an initial proportionate amount of the claim being registered. In this instance the ‘excess liability’ for insurance placed with Aviva is currently based upon a UK Sterling amount of £50.00 or the equivalent in local currency. All claims are subject to the standard Insurance Terms and Conditions. There is an excess payment on any single claim.


Now did you get all that?

You can always give us a call if you wish to chat about it.