Sending Christmas Decorations - Things You Need to Know

18 October 2016

Forgive us for mentioning Christmas in October but as a shipping company, Seven Seas Worldwide have to plan ahead and, if you're sending items abroad this Christmas, so should you.

Let us ask you this: Are you sending any packages to friends or family living abroad this Christmas? Do the packages contain festive ornaments and decorations such as a Santa figurine or a traditional Christmas wreath? We're not ones to pry, we believe you should celebrate Christmas however you wish! The only problem is if you're sending these gifts to Australia and New Zealand, you may find that they will be sent back to you, or more likely, confiscated.

But why should this be? Are customs officials notably less festive than other citizens? Well no, that would be unfair. We're sure there are plenty of inspectors who come to work in December with tinsel round the brims of their hats. No, this is a simple reflection of Australia and New Zealand's stringent quarantine laws that prevent any item from entering the country that may be dirty or may have come into contact with the earth and not been sufficiently cleaned. From our experience, pine cones are very popular as part of Christmas ornaments and decorations, so if you're sending anything with pine cone adornment or similar, we urge you to think twice before sending.

Australian and New Zealand Quarantine laws also request that boots, camping equipment and other outdoor items are thoroughly cleaned before packing off and sending. Any evidence of dirt could mean the worse for your consignment. For more information, call a member of the team or visit our shipping pages.

Get it there for Christmas!

27 September 2016


If you are hoping to send special items in time for Christmas, here are the dates you need to know!

Final Shipping Dates for Christmas 2016

DestinationsFinal Dates
Australia 8th October
Canada 8th October
China 30th September
Hong Kong 15th October
Malaysia 8th October
New Zealand 8th October
Singapore 8th October
South Africa 8th October
Taiwan 8th October
Thailand 8th October
USA 8th October

IMPORTANT These dates apply to the final dates for payment to be cleared so your shipment can go ahead. This means you will need to have your boxes, bags or MoveCube already collected and all your documentation completed correctly. GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME SO START NOW!

Leave a Review - Win a Hamper

06 January 2016

We're delighted to announce the three customers who left reviews for us on Trustpilot have now received their festive hampers via Seven Seas Worldwide.

Cheryl Vacchini pictured above was the lucky recipient of our second prize hamper with the first and third prizes going to Vikki Almond-Plymouth from Devon and Kris Li-Aylestone from Leicestershire respectively.

All our winners had to do was leave an honest review about our services on Trustpilot for their name to be entered into a draw. Seven Seas Worldwide are proud to be associated with Trustpilot who guarantee 100% genuine reviews every time. There's a simple reason for this: They ask for the customer's unique Seven Seas Worldwide reference number. If the customer does not provide this, they cannot leave a review. If only other sites could enforce this simple rule!

Seven Seas Worldwide will continue to run competitions like this throughout 2016 on Twitter, Facebook and other social media, so listen out for when our next consignment of goodies drops!

Leave a Review - Win an iPad

04 January 2016

Yep. That's all Amy had to do to get her hands on the latest iPad. Oh and she had to take a picture of herself in the mirror but that's it. Seven Seas Worldwide are proud to be associated with the only reliable company review site around - Trustpilot. Only customers with genuine job reference numbers can leave a review on Trustpilot's site which means you can be 100% sure you're reading the words of a genuine customer.

And so upon receiving her goods, Amy sat down and wrote a lovely review of her experience with us on Trustpilot. Her name was then retrieved from a hat with dozens of other reviewers and the iPad was whisked away to her new address in no time. 

Seven Seas Worldwide run competitions such as this all the time so follow us on Twitter or Facebook or Google+ and make sure you don't miss out on the next batch of goodies!

Sending Milk Powder to China - The Do's and Don't's

27 November 2015

Due to the widely-reported Chinese milk powder scandal of 2008, public trust in milk powder products out of China remains significantly low. For this reason, families across China are importing milk powder from overseas. The Chinese government has been closely following this trend and implementing laws and rules to maintain control of this influx of foreign milk powder.

If you're arranging a milk powder consignment to be sent to China from overseas, remember these important points:

  • You must classify your shipment as 'personal effects'
  • The quantity of milk powder must not exceed 6kg per parcel
  • If your shipment exceeds this weight, it is automatically classed as 'cargo' and tax will need to be paid on it
  • The tax rate is 10%
  • If the total value of items sent exceeds 2000 RMB, these will be taxed too

With these measures in place, Seven Seas Worldwide has set up MilkMail, a service designed for the sole task of delivering milk powder to China as efficiently and safely as possible. We provide what we call a 'Mail Box' which has been created to hold the permitted number of milk powder cans for each journey at an affordable rate.

In addition to MilkMail, we've also rolled out MilkMail Plus, a service where we buy the milk powder on your behalf before sending it direct to China by air. All you have to do is make the order. For more information, check out the MilkMail section of the site or get a free quote now via our freight calculator