Get it There for Christmas!

29 September 2017

UK Christmas Shipping Dates

 If you are hoping to send special items in time for Christmas, here are the dates you need to know!

Final Shipping Dates for Christmas 2017

DestinationsFinal Dates
Australia 6th October
Canada 13th October
China 20th October
Hong Kong 20th October
Malaysia 20th October
New Zealand 6th October
Singapore 20th October
South Africa 2nd October
Taiwan 20th October
Thailand 20th October
USA 13th October

IMPORTANT These dates apply to the final dates for payment to be cleared so your shipment can go ahead. This means you will need to have your boxes, bags or MoveCube already collected and all your documentation completed correctly.


The New Zealand Earthquake – An Update

05 September 2017

State Highway 1 and the rail lines between Picton and Christchurch have been closed since November 2016 after suffering significant damage during the devastating Kaikoura earthquake. However thanks to many dedicated construction crews and engineers working hard to repair all affected routes, there is now light at the end of the tunnel.

KiwiRail has notified that it intends to resume inter-island rail operations from 18 September 2017. However the service will be limited with slower transit times between Auckland and Christchurch. Plus with the nature of further slips and aftershocks, repairs on the rails have experienced the most disruption which means the road network will be the more favoured method of transporting items.

Once the roads are open for business, we will endeavour to make collections and deliveries via the islands a much smoother operation. However if you are planning to use Seven Seas Worldwide in areas affected by the earthquake, please be aware that the reopening of these routes to full capacity will be a slow and meticulous process. But we’re getting there!

Thank you for your patience.

Standing Out from the Crowd | MoveCube Service

09 August 2017

You may hear the odd comment online about 'hidden charges' when it comes to shipping items abroad. At Seven Seas Worldwide we do our best to make all charges transparent, laying out exactly the costs involved the moment you get a free quote via our website. We will never hit you with hidden charges.

International removal is an expensive business in general, and not only are our rates are very reasonable but in addition we have a three-stage payment plan to help you spread the costs to assist with your cash flow during the transition.

  1. Deposit
  2. Shipping and Transport
  3. Port & Container Fees and Warehouse Handling

We are upfront at the beginning as to the costs which will be incurred for our MoveCube® service. It may seem on the face of it that we're more expensive than our other international removal companies but in fact the opposite is true. But don't take our word for it, read through the details on the quotes from other companies and look out in particular for what they exclude:

  • Port fees, including handling
  • Container fees, including cleaning
  • Storage and warehouse handling
  • Quarantine and Custom inspection or examination fees

The key factor that makes us more informed is that we operate within our own global shipping network. Simply, we're there at the beginning, the middle and the end. We have first hand knowledge of all potential shipping charges (if there are any) and will lay them out to you before the journey begins. Our charges INCLUDE the items listed above and which are excluded from other removal companies' quotes. There will be some who claim these charges may not arise at all - then why exempt them? With a Door-to-Door service you'll want to know that everything is included in your quote.

As you can see from our charge structure we tailor these to assist you, this is why the Seven Seas Worldwide MoveCube® service provides free boxes, free packing materials, free loading and unloading AND free storage options! So by the end of the journey, you'll realise how much you saved.

Don't leave your treasured possessions with a removal company who either does not know or does not care about the charges at the destination. Move abroad with Seven Seas Worldwide, the company with over twenty years' experience in international shipping.

Decluttering when Moving to Australia

28 April 2017

Moving abroad is an exciting chapter in anyone’s life but before you start unravelling the bubble-wrap and assembling the packing boxes, stop for a moment and think about all the items you’re planning to take with you to Australia. Do you really need it all? Remember the more you take, the more you pay. So here are a few tips about decluttering before you begin your new life in Australia.

  • First of all, you may want to think twice about packing woolly winter clothes and looking at other options such as storage or selling. Label that cashmere sweater 'non-essential'.
  • If you have expansive, alphabetised CD and DVD collections, we advise not to take it all with you. These collections are heavy, expensive to ship and, let’s be honest, largely redundant in this age of streaming and downloading!
  • Don’t waste money shipping your old furniture overseas such as armchairs, sofas, chests of drawers and wardrobes. Treat yourself to new items when you arrive at your new destination! Naturally if you choose to sell your old furniture, you’ll be providing yourself with a financial platform for buying replacements.
  • If you’re moving electrical items like flatscreen televisions, you may also want to consider the electrical power differences. There’s no point shipping such a large electrical item abroad if it’s not going to function correctly! Also, if you choose to adapt your television for your new country, you could invalidate the warranty. 

Now we know what you're thinking: If I sell a lot of household items before I move, I'm going to need to do a fair bit of shopping when I get to my new home. This is true. So here are a few reputed retail names in Australia you may want to make a note of:

For more information and advice on removals, check out the rest of the site or call a member of the team via the Contacts page.

A Safe Haven

27 February 2017

You may remember last year in May, the Seven Seas Worldwide team descended on a community hall in Cockfosters to organise a charity drive in aid of the Safe Haven Orphanage in Thailand. The reason for this is that over the years, Seven Seas Worldwide has accumulated dozens of boxes from Thai customers who - for one reason or another - never claimed their belongings. 

In May we sifted through these abandoned boxes and found a wealth, items.

 Thai Smile 12.jpg

Once the boxes had been organised and categorised, the team then packed the best items into new Seven Seas Worldwide boxes to send back to Thailand. Destination: The Safe Haven Orphanage,an extremely worthwhile charity that has been supported by our partners Thai Smile for a number of years and help children all over Thailand find stability and safety through shelter, clothing, medical care, nutrition and education.

Thai Smile 27.jpg

We are now pleased to announce the items arrived safely and securely at the orphanage with all the children receiving a variety of goods together with celebratory drinks and food. Thank you to all who made this such a successful an rewarding venture.